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For most people, looking good opens up doors of opportunities. This is why many individuals are looking for the so-called “Fountain of Youth” treatments or serums.  

Although there are no guarantees for looking young forever, you can prevent premature aging of your skin early on in your life with stem cell therapy cream.

Skin care and repair should start early, as the sun’s damaging UV rays can age a person’s skin and make one appear older in appearance as well as exposing one to potential health problems.

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What are Stem Cells?

stem cell therapy work Stem Cell Therapy Stem cells are composed of cells that can form into different parts of the body and taken from human or animal adult or embryonic stem cells and from plant’s stem cells.

Stem cells are important as medical researchers note that these types of cells can form different types of specialized cells (like body organ or skin tissues) which help repair damaged tissues.

These types of cells are different from other types of cells because:

1. The cells are capable of cell division even after being frozen for quite some time;

2. These cells, when induced can become tissue cells or organ cells that can help repair damaged tissues.

Because of these specialized properties, pharmaceutical companies, capitalize on its regenerative effects, introducing stem cell creams in the skin care industry especially in the anti-aging department.

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How Stem Cell Therapy Cream Works

remove fine lines 150x105 Stem Cell Therapy Do you know that by the time one hits the age of 30, one’s body stops developing new cells and starts degenerating? Stem Cell therapy cream is a new anti-aging cream that works by promoting the growth of new skin cells in the body.

The stem cell therapy cream contains stem cells that stimulate inactive cells inside the body to start developing new cells just as it used to do during one’s younger years. Dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines are also visibly reduced as the cream improves as well as increase the production of collagen inside the body by as much as 80%.

Collagen is important in the body as it is responsible for the skin’s elasticity, strengthens blood vessels and helps in developing the body’s tissue.

The less collagen we have in the body, the greater the risks of the person to ageing as well as development of wrinkles.

The stem cell therapy cream give one’s body a boost at fighting aging improves and help the body to gain better blood circulation. As the cream works in repairing damaged areas of the skin, the skin will regain a more youthful appearance.

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Although relatively new in the skincare industry, stem cell therapy cream is touted as miracle in the bottle and comes close to the “fountain of youth.”

This is because many people resort to expensive and painful invasive surgery in order to minimize the appearance of age spots as well as wrinkles to achieve the appearance of younger looking skin.

Stem cell therapy creams can help people achieve a youthful appearance without the painful process and expense that surgery entails.

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Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy Cream:

Stem Cell Therapy Reduce Wrinkles Promote Younger Healthier... 12 03 2011 14.14.35 Stem Cell Therapy Stem cell therapy cream are reputed to stimulate production of new skin cells by activating cells in the body.

- Increase the skin’s elastin which is improved by as much as 61% (Elastin is a protein in tissues that helps the skin retain its original position allowing it to return to its normal appearance when stretched or pinched.)

- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 56%

- Promotes skin regeneration in the body

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In The Market: Common Anti-Aging Creams

  Currently, the most effective and common ingredient found in the  skin care industry is Retinol. Retinol is a non-prescriptive drug so it  is available in just about any local drugstore or pharmacy. Retinol is  a vitamin A compound that is used to treat wrinkles.

Although it is  less potent as compared to Tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative (this is  available through prescription.)

If you are pregnant, using it can  increase the possibility of birth defects.

 Second most common is the Hydroxyl acids which are actually  exfoliants. This ingredient removes the surface skin, which are  usually old and dead cells in order to stimulate the growth of new  skin.

Using hydroxyl acids can increase one’s susceptibility to sun damage so it is important to always wear sun block or minimize one’s exposure to the sun’s ray.

Other ingredients commonly found in anti-aging products include coenzyme Q10, kinetin, tea extracts as well as copper peptides.  

Although these ingredients apparently work for some time, the cost, dosage intake as well as skin types can cause some of the ingredients to not work as well and might cause side effects including skin irritation, burning, redness and rashes.

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Stem cell therapy cream on the other hand works because the stem cell ingredient is a major component of our body and can work hand in hand with the latter to halt the aging process.

Unlike active ingredients like Retinols that can be rejected by the body, the stem cell ingredients are modified to actually help in repairing and restoring the damages done to the skin.


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What to Consider When You Buy Stem Cell Therapy Creams

Before you actually go and buy stem cell therapy creams it is important to bear in mind some of the following points.

fda Stem Cell Therapy Creams and lotions are considered as cosmetic products that are not strictly regulated by the FDA.

Beware of any product advertisement that claims the product as drugs. These types of products are not used to treat or cure illnesses or skin problems and might be detrimental to one’s health.

It is important to check with your dermatologist or attending physician before you use any type of products especially if you have skin problems or have sensitive skins.

Cost. Before you buy stem cell therapy creams, check out the supplier that sells them. Most sites offer promo or discount if you buy by the bulk. Therefore choosing the right supplier to buy from can save you more in the end.

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Researches, Clinical Studies and Reviews

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Read or search for studies conducted on your anti-aging cream. Some people are allergic to certain chemical compounds so it is important to go au naturel rather than use creams with weird sounding ingredients that can potentially do more damage to your skin.

A site we recommend is for its high quality of skin care products, although being non stem call creams.

Phished sites, scammed, cheap product sold in the market. With the proliferation and popularity of the product, it cannot be helped that some authentic or genuine sites are actually phished to scam people.

Phished sites actually look like the real sites although there are some minimal differences that you can check to know if the site is the real one. If you do not know how to check, one way to make sure is to type in the whole  of the site and not rely on auto-fillers. This would save you from fraudulent use of your credit card or hacking of your Paypal account.

Now, that you know more about stem cell therapy cream and its benefits, why not try out the product today? Click here and get your own stem cell therapy cream. You can reduce wrinkles, age spots as well as fine lines in just 30 days.

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